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Pad printing vs Screen printing

When you are putting a logo or other printings on your products, there’s a good chance you’ll using one of two different printing methods: screen printing or pad printing. That’s why it would be good to learn the definition and the difference between screen and pad...

Electronic components

Electronic components plays an important role in electronics manufacturing. Lead time, unit price and minimum order quantity can greatly affect control of cost, the cycle of prototyping, trial and massive production. Many electronic traders such as Digikey has already...

How holiday affects export in China

If you are a beginner of having trading business with China or you have arranged your production in China, Chinese holidays might cause certain problems to your plan. This blog is aiming at presenting the potential influence to your business arrangement in China that...

China & Hong Kong Trade Fair / Exhibition 2016 Q3 Q4

Useful information for 2016 China Electronic Fairs ELEXCON 2016 Date: 24-26 August 2016 Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Link: NEPCON South China 2016 Date: 30 August-1 September 2016 Venue: Shenzhen Convention &...

Free Shipping – Airmail

When you are purchasing from Aliexpress, it can be free shipping even if you are only spending one or two dollars to buy a tiny screw driver. Do you wonder why some vendors in China can do free shipping for very cheap products? How can they make profit? The answer is...

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