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by | May 22, 2017

Electronic components plays an important role in electronics manufacturing. Lead time, unit price and minimum order quantity can greatly affect control of cost, the cycle of prototyping, trial and massive production. Many electronic traders such as Digikey has already developed a mature online quotation system, although they provide an easy, convenient and instant way of quotation, they sacrifice the opportunity to fight for the best price for their customers.

Purchasers have common problems. They found that traders usually have a better lead time but the unit cost fluctuates violently. Manufacturers are only interested in massive order and their lead time could be unreasonably long. Corbo electronic component sourcing service is aiming at solving this problem, we provide a reasonable lead time (two to four weeks) and a stable and competitive unit price.

How can Corbo do it?

  1. We also make PCBA and our annual production volume is around 300k pcs. We have set up our constant temperature control warehouse in Shenzhena and Hongkong to store our inventory of IC, Memories, Diodes, Triodes, MOSFET, Capacitors and Resistors.
  2. We spent millions of dollars on purchasing electronic components and we do 100% prepayment on most of them. That’s why we have a higher ranking in many suppliers’ database and we always get a better price and lead time.

We worked very closely with our suppliers to get the most price competitive components for our clients. Our suppliers included but not limited to TI, AD, Microchips, Murata, Vishay, Fairchild, NXP, Cypress, ST, Future Electronics, WPI-group and etc.

Give us a chance to quote, we will surprise you! And it’s not harm to get one more price for comparison.

How can you get your components quoted?

Please send your BOM, part list and contact information to jacksontai@corbo.com.hk

In your BOM/ Part list, you should provide:

  1. Manufacturing part number
  2. Quantity

In your contact information, you should provide

  1. Name
  2. Tel
  3. Email address
  4. Address
  5. Postal code

You can download the RFQ template here.

Re-reeling/ Repacking service for electronic components

We understand that those components in tube or in tray could be a problem for SMT machine.

Corbo provides re-reeling and repacking service for those components in tube or in tray. Our re-reeling machine can automatically transfer the components from tube/tray to reels and seal at the same time. During the process, we can also check the markings, orientation and pins of the components.

Productivity: 3,000UPH

Corbo China sourcing reeling machine

Corbo China sourcing reeling machine


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