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by | May 17, 2016

When you are purchasing from Aliexpress, it can be free shipping even if you are only spending one or two dollars to buy a tiny screw driver. Do you wonder why some vendors in China can do free shipping for very cheap products? How can they make profit?

The answer is the Airmail service in China. There are two types of Airmail service in China, they are normal airmail and registered airmail. You can basically understand normal airmail as the service with NO tracking number but cheaper. And the registered airmail is a service WITH tracking number but more expensive.


  1. Postal airmail service (target on foreign country)
  2. <2000g
  3. The sum of length, width and height should be less than 90cm
  4. The longest edge should be less than 60cm


Competitive cost: no more minimum weight charge for the airmail (usually start from 1kg for express courier package in China). Its charge starts from one gram. Airmail greatly reduces the logistics cost for small products.

Extended market: Airmail can deliver the package to almost any corner of the world. As long as there is a post office, airmail can be delivered to your customers.


Slow: It takes more than 15 days from China to USA as an example.

Limitation: the size and the weight of the mail is limited

If you take the normal air mail, you won’t have a tracking number

Applicable industry:

Electronic components, clothes, small metal tools…

With the airmail service, the shipping fee becomes very competitive. That’s why you can see so many free shipping products in Aliexpress.


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