How to get a working Visa for Shenzhen China?

by | Feb 26, 2018

How to get a working Visa for Shenzhen China?

  1. Passport copy and visa page copy 護照及簽證頁(來華及最後一次離境)複印件
  2. Resume 簡歷
    • Education 教育經歷
    • Working experiences for the recent two years 最近兩年工作經歷
  3. Original graduation certificate 畢業證書
  4. Original non-criminal record certificate (Police station) 無犯罪記錄認證
    • The certificate must be issued by judicial or public security authorities in the applicant’s home country
  5. 35mm*53mm photographs * 4pcs 四張兩吋白底照片
  6. Original physical examination report 體檢報告
    • Shenzhen KouAn Hospital (Living district, Huanggang Port, Shenzhen)
    • Tell: 0755-8377 4007
  7. Original reference letter (recent two years work) 最近兩年工作的推薦信
  8. Copy of Chinese company certificate 中國公司的營業執照複印件
  9. ID number of Chinese company legal representative and contact number of the Chinese company and employee number 中國公司法人身份證號碼及中國公司聯繫方式及員工數量
  10. Two years of tax payment certificate of the Chinese company 中國公司最近兩年國地稅納稅證明


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